We help single women and women with children who are affected by domestic violence – regardless of nationality, age and religion.

Violence against women – Am I affected?

Forms of domestic violence

Domestic violence is often experienced over a long period of time, which may result in severe health and social constraints.

Domestic violence begins on a small scale – and often with words
for example by

  • Husband/wife
  • Life partner
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Siblings
  • Uncle
  • Aunt
  • Grandparents

Physical violence

I am affected if I, for example, am:
• Hit, punched or kicked
• Pulled by the hair
• Choked
• Attacked with a knife, a belt or any other objects

Consequences of physical violence
I have injuries such as
• Bruises
• Cuts
• Bone fractures
• Concussion
• Burns
• Constant pain

Psychological violence

I am affected If I, for example, am:
• Offended
• Insulted
• Controlled
• Humiliated
• Treated disrespectfully
• Threatened
• Chased

The consequences of psychological violence
Can be if I, for example,
• Am afraid of my own situation and that of the children
• Feel inferior
• Feel hurt
• Think that I am guilty myself
• Feel sad an powerless
• Am depressed
• Am worried and cannot sleep

Economic violence

I am affected if I, for example,
• Am not allowed to work
• Am not allowed to attend language courses
• Do not receive my own money
• Am forced to incur debts on my behalf
• Am not allowed to have my own bank account

Consequences of economic violence
Can be if I, for example,
• Am financially dependent
• Am excluded because I do not speak German
• Am indebted
• Have no money and do not know how to buy food for my family

Social violence

I am affected if I, for example,
• Am not allowed to meet my family
• Am not allowed to have any friends
• Am not allowed to have any hobbies
• Am not allowed to leave home

Consequences of social violence
Can be if I, for example,
• Feel lonely
• Have no friends
• Do not have my own social environment

Sexual violence

I am affected if I, for example,
• Am forced to sex
• Am touched against my will
• Am photographed or filmed during sex against my will

Consequences of sexual violence,
Can be if I, for example,
• Feel ashamed
• Feel sad and powerless
• Feel worthless
• Cannot sleep
• Am unintentionally pregnant
• Have vaginal and rectal injuries
• Have sexually transmitted diseases

Life in the women’s Refuge

In our women’s refuge, you and your children can calm down.
Here you can find new strength and strengthen your self-confidence in order to be able to plan the further course of life.
With the support, you can organize your life in the women’s refuge independently and on your own responsibility.

We will support you, for example, in
• securing your financial situation
• visiting government offices
• establishing contacts with lawyers, doctors, therapists etc.
• the search for housing

We will advise you, for example, in the case of
• separation and divorce
• matters of custody and right of contact, educational issues
• problems concerning the right of residence

Children in the Women’s Refuge

Your decision to come to our women’s refuge also means a chance for your children to live a life free of violence.
Our educator supports you in providing your children with security in their life situation, in encouraging and strengthening them.

She accompanies and supports you, for example, in
• registrations for school
• completing homework
• contacting the youth welfare office
• leisure activities and excursions
• educational matters (at your request)
• visits to the pediatrician
• registrations at the nursery school

How do I reach the Women’s Refuge?

If you are considering going to the women’s refuge or have already made the decision, you can contact us.
How to contact us directly:
Telephone: 02361 9044850
Email: info@frauenhaus-recklinghausen.de

If you cannot reach us personally, please call the nationwide helpline “110” or inform yourself on the following website about available places.

Your own safety and that of your children must always have priority. Therefore, do not hesitate and leave your home immediately in case of emergency.
For this case, clothes as well as food will be available in the women’s refuge.

If you have to escape to the women’s refuge and you have the possibility to plan your escape, you should take the following things with you, if available:

  • Passports / ID cards
  • Certificates, e.g. birth certificates / marriage certificate
  • Health insurance card (maternity passport, if applicable)
  • Account cards / money cards / cash money
  • School supplies of the children
  • Favourite stuffed animals / toys of the children
  • Child benefit certificates
  • Vaccination cards and preventive care booklets
  • Custody notice
  • Clothes
  • Important medication
  • Certificate of employment or pension
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Driving licence
  • Income documentation
  • Jewellery / small valuables